Projecting bay window

X No words found beginning with X. Bays Projecting bay window number of bays refers to the width of a building by counting the number of opennings including both doors and windows. For examples, browse our photo gallery and search geometric window style.

Two cozy armchairs and a side table could easily be used for a board game The right bay window can draw the eye to its nook cuz we all are attracted to cocoon-like spaces. The Mansard roof was named after the French 17th-century architect Francois Mansartwho popularized the form.

A bottom finishing piece of fabric that hangs from the lower edge of an awning. Alside Bay and Bow Windows are exceptionally energy-efficient, helping to lower your heating and cooling costs, increase the comfort of your home and even improve its resale Projecting bay window.

Extruded vinyl frame and sashes help to increase energy efficiency. Any awning on a residential building and any awning on a commercial or mixed-use building except for storefront awnings.

Lintel The flat horizontal piece at the top of a window. Soft-Lite Bay window with copper roof and decorative glass Bay: Sash windows per window ,on a like for like basis size wiseare more costly than casement windows.

Garden Windows

An ornamental configuration of curved mullions in a Gothic sash. While the top portion of both the window types is curved, the degree of curvature varies. Pent Roof A narrow shed style roof placed above the first floor of a building to protect the doors, windows and lower walls, often covering all four sides of the building.

The process of returning, as nearly as possible, a building or any of its parts to its original form and condition.

Bow and Bay Window Canopies

Pavilion A small but prominent portion of a building that juts out from a main building, either above its roof line, or to the side, and which is identified by a unique usually diminutive height and individual roof type.

Stained Glass Colored glass. Rafters are the inclined, sloping framing members of a roof, to which the roof covering is affixed. A small porch composed of a roof supported by columns, often found in front of a doorway. A row of regularly spaced columns supporting an entablature. From craftsman to cape cods, geometric windows add a custom touch.

Strips of sheet metal bent to fit the angle between any two roof surfaces or between the roof and any projection, such as a chimney. A pattern of brickwork with alternate courses of headers and stretchers. A metal frame clad with fabric attached over a window, door, porch opening or storefront to provide protection from the weather.

Particularly during the Gothic period they often serve as small house chapelswith the oriel window containing an altar and resembling an apse of a church. Sloping, especially referring to a roof. A coating for exterior walls made from Portland cement, lime, sand, and water.

Round Arch A semicircular arch over a window or door. The method or equipment for providing artificial illumination. A window with a non-rectilinear sash or frame as illustrated and defined as a special window in Appendices A and C of Chapter 3 of these rules.

The small member, usually wood and usually removable, that separates the upper and lower sash pockets in the jamb of a double-hung window Paver: Shingling is a traditional weather-proofing method for building.

A type of iron, mass-produced in the nineteenth century, created by pouring molten iron into a mold; used for ornament, garden furniture, and building parts. The dimensions and contours of both the stationary and moveable portions of a window, and moldings.

A similar decorative band in a stringcourse, or near the top of an interior wall below the cornice. Special Natural Area District: A vertical structure, usually housing a window, that projects from a sloping roof and is covered by a separate roof structure.

The part of a storefront that forms a base for one or more display windows Building Plan: The large glazed portion of the storefront, and the associated framing, above the bulkhead and below the transom, extending from pier to pier. Crossword Solver - Crossword Clues, synonyms, anagrams and definition of projecting bay window.

Glossary of Architectural Terms. If you have a word to contribute to our glossary, please email us. nook-like interior space, often of a rectangular or semi-hexagonal outline. See bay window. Bay Window. A projecting bay that is lit on all of its projecting sides by windows.

See bay. Detail of projecting bay window, Cairo by H. B├ęchard. Artwork Type: Photography; Medium: Albumen print from glass-plate negative.

Bay World Manufacturing is the original custom projection window supplier to the window industry. Makers of custom bay, bow and garden windows. Our Flat GRP Bay Window Canopy Roofs A practical alternative to a traditional timber / lead bay roofs.

These pre fabricated GRP bay window roof canopies have internal timbers, are easy to install over new or existing bay windows and are supplied as a fully insulated one piece unit. A projecting bay window supported by brackets or a triangual support piece.

Palladian Window A three-part, round-arched window, named for the 15th century Italian architect Andreas Palladino, also known as a Venetian Window and common in the Georgian and Colonial Revival styles.

Projecting bay window
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