Meaning of computer organization

Apart from vast amount of high end computing hardware used in telecom generally for processing of subscriber related data, we have dedicated hardware which is able to connect multiple moving subscribers across the globe, all connected to a single point in a switch and the switch is able to handle multiple such cases at the same time.

Meaning of computer organization and multithreading[ edit ] Main articles: The knowledge disclosed by modern science has effectively rewritten the relationship of humankind to the natural world. Demyx The Melodious Nocturne: Computer organization and architecture answers can be just aboutanything.

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The effective address of the operand is the contents of a register specified in the instruction. A known punishment for the Organization members is the threat to be turned into a Dusk; how this is done and if it ever has been done is unknown.

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Latency is the time between the start of a process and its completion. Suppose we have two groups of instruction that will use the same register. As a telecommunication engineer this is my opinion. The promise and delivery of community underlies the offerings of several successful organizations including NASCAR with its centralizing focus on car racing and leagues of loyal fans that follow the race circuit, Harley-Davidson motorcycles and their Harley Owners Group HOGand Jimmy Buffet with his dedicated Parrotheads.

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Data set (IBM mainframe)

Computers that control machinery usually need low interrupt latencies. In chemistry organic is concerned with the carbon compounds of living beings and also most other carbon compounds. This measures the efficiency of the architecture at any clock frequency.

Computer is machine that helps us in our daily life. Xemnas The Superior of the In-Between: The guess allows the hardware to prefetch instructions without waiting for the register read. A structure through which individuals cooperate systematically to conduct business. None of the techniques that exploited instruction-level parallelism ILP within one program could make up for the long stalls that occurred when data had to be fetched from main memory.

Computer architecture is the architectural attrributes like physical address memory,CPU and how they should be made and made to coordinate with each other keeping the future demands and goals in mind.

Secondary Storage Devices[ edit ] 2. The act or process of organizing. The Sigil being in the names of the Organization members would allow Xemnas to keep an eye on them at all times, which would explain how he was seemingly aware of the traitorous actions of Marluxia.

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Computer organization deals with the hardware components of a computer system, which include I/O devices, the central processing unit, storage and primary memory devices. Notably, many people find it difficult distinguishing computer organization from computer architecture, because they are significantly related to each other.

Dec 28,  · Computer organization could be anything. Computer organization could be ICANN who maintains domain. Computer organization could be a web developers (group of them).

Computer organization in this case you mean who control our computers I guess. P.S.

Computer Organisation

this is a comedic exaggeration. The answer has nothing to do in .

Meaning of computer organization
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