Event driven programs key features

The programmer only needs to work on one event that is being controlled. The software will only operate the action only if an event occurs, for example if a button was pressed then the event handler would response to it can react to what button was pressed.

Forms hold all the controls that the programmer used in order to create the program. This makes programming easier because it gives a variety of choices for the programmer to choose and it also allows the programmer to choose the right command without typing it.


If the event returns to the event loop as true then the loop would therefore continue but if not then it would start the prepare query again. There are many advantages of Event driven programs There are also form events which include the load event which activates when the form appears and when an event is activated.

The main features and benefits of Visual Basic is that firstly the software itself is free source meaning that its available to everyone. The event loop only takes up a small amount of space because the coding is small and it is a central logic of a coding document.

Large software systems are Event driven programs key features hard and complex to build this is where modularity comes in to break down a large system into separate physical entities that in a nutshell make it easier and more straightforward to understand.

It saves time and energy. If we slide our finger to unlock then it is an example of a trigger function. The service would be the alarm going off at 8: A global variable maybe used when you want to declare a variable that needs to be accessed by all parts of your program.

Intel has yet to embrace this non logical partitioning 2 threads per core architecture. Service oriented programmes are in their most basic form, programmes that often appear in the background and have no user interface to use but all have the ability to be stopped and started at the will of the user.

By interaction I mean user inputs. Event Handlers Within programming, event handlers are sections of code purposed to indicate the actions of event triggers within a code structure. Java is object-orientated meaning you can create modular programs and re-usable codes. The service is split into components, service and processes.

Trigger functions decide what code is ran when a specific event occurs, they are used to choose when event handlers are ran for the event that occurs, most applications have a trigger function for each event that is likely to occur.

Meaning that if we put an alarm for 8: These trigger functions are a large part to the appeal of object oriented programming, due to it giving the programs user increased flexibility in trigger events within the programme itself.

Service oriented is used a by networked software applications so that other applications can reuse the code that was use by the first networked software applications.

In the programme the user inputs are specific in the form or medium of "arguments" and the "result" or "output" is in the form of "return values" K.

The main windows thread checks this queue, processing the events message in first in first out order, checking the associated processes state busy or idle and if idle, it sends that message to that processes event handler, in that processes thread.

In an event driven program like Visual Basic it has detached menus showing a Seibel command. Event+driven+programming key+features 1. Event Driven Programming Key Features 2.

Event+driven+programming key+features

Event Driven Programs Typically used for most modern day software applications examples include: word processing, spreadsheets, drawing packages etc. Usually used for GUIs where many types of events are generated i.e.

clicking on a button or another.

Event-driven programming

Nov 10,  · When using event driven programming it is first important to understand the advantages and key features of the programming type these advantages include service oriented, time driven, event handlers, trigger functions, events including use of mouse, keyboard HTML object, form, user interface, programming loops, flexibility, suitability for graphical interfaces, the simplicity of the.

Sep 22,  · P1 – Explain the following key features of Event Driven Programs; Events Event Handlers Event Loops/Listeners Forms Triggers Events – An event is something that happens outside of the normal flow of a program. This mostly happens by the user taking an action of some sort.

The most common actions are mouse clicks and key. Event Driven Programming Key Features Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

unit 14- Event Driven Programming

If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Published: Mon, 22 May P1 Describe the key features of event driven programming. Event handlers – The GUI is formed of a great deal of built in things such as text boxes, tool icons menus etc.

Key Features of Event Driven Programs P1 A. Service Orientated: This feature provides a service to the user. The advantage of this feature is that it does not take much of the processing power.

Event driven programs key features
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Event driven Programming: Key Features of Event Driven Programs. (P1)